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Hey there!

Hi, I’m Ankur Tyagi.

Mentor, coach, content creator

I have a passion for learning and mentoring & spreading knowingness to people.

How My Work Will Benefit You:

I explore through my work, “How can I help people to live better?”

I explore great ideas and make them actionable.

▫ How to become a better developer ▫ How to add good choices in life & subtract bad choices ▫ How to accomplish a fit body with the help of science ▫ How to win people & make good professional relationships ▫ How to achieve awesome results in your next tech interview ▫ How to effectively utilize your time (Time is allocation first money later)

Recent articles

How I Become a Better Writer as a Software Engineer

May 23, 2023Writing is an important skill for software developers. Indeed, poor writing can hamper your career advancement after a certain level. Too many engineers get it late in the game that “Soft skills pay hard money, not just code.” This is where a develop...

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